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Forklifts for Sale in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

Powered industrial trucks are most commonly used to lift and move materials over specific distances. Forklifts have a power-operated platform that is attached to the front, which can be lowered or raised underneath a cargo to lift or move it. Oz Jack is a leading supplier of high-quality and affordable forklifts that are powered by electric batteries or combustion engines. Our wide array of forklifts that include the warehouse forklift, high reach forklift, and stand up forklift are popular forklifts available for their efficiency and cost-effective prices across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane suburbs. Forklifts permit operators to sit and drive while operating the machine whereas certain forklifts need the operator to stand. It is frequently used throughout the warehouse industry for transporting goods over varying distances. If you are looking for reliable, high-quality forklifts, Oz Jack forklifts are a perfect choice.

Buy Warehouse Forklifts in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

The following are the many parts of a forklift that work together to lift, move, and store heavy loads efficiently:

• Truck Frame:
This forms the base of the forklift, holding the rest of the parts together.

• Counterweight:
This part is made of cast iron and aims to counterbalance the weight that the vehicle lifts.

• Power Source:
It consists of a built-in combustion engine that can be fuelled with diesel, LPG, natural gas, and CNG. On the other hand, electric forklifts get their power from lead-acid batteries.

• Carriage:
This is the forklift’s base and is attached to the mast rails for ease of moving upward and downward.

• Mast:
The mast consists of interlocking rails to allow for horizontal controls and can be installed with rollers. It is used for lifting and lowering the load.

Experts in Forklifts for Sale in Melbourne, Brisbane, & Sydney

Oz Jack is a one-stop solution for all your forklift requirements in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane suburbs. These forklifts work with mechanisms of roller chain pulleys and hydraulic cylinders that help in elevating the load and lowering the load in backward and forward directions. Based on the requirement, Oz Jack provides you with high-quality forklifts in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney suburbs. Call us on 1300 105 481 to check if our warehouse forklift is in stock!