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Material Handling & Warehouse Equipment Suppliers in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

Are you on the lookout for an easier way to streamline the transportation and storage of your materials? By boosting the efficiency of the working assembly line and by updating the supply chain distribution channels, material handling equipment does the job effectively. Oz Jack is a one-of-a-kind provider of high-quality warehouse equipment and material handling equipment catering to the requirements in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane suburbs. 

Be it trolleys, scissor table jacks, pallet jacks, forklifts, stacker jacks, or any other material handling and warehouse equipment, Oz Jack has it all covered for you. No matter where you are in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, our warehouse equipment is known for its sturdiness being manufactured by the most trusted brands. A professional material handling and warehouse equipment supplier ensure efficient management of the warehouse for its best utilisation. And it gets better! Our products are crafted from high-quality materials. This means enhanced safety and an increase in productivity, in turn resulting in increased profits for warehouse operations.

A Comprehensive Range of Warehouse & Material Handling Equipment

Oz Jack has become one of the most sought-after and trusted names in material handling and warehouse equipment across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane suburbs. Here is a list of our most sought-after equipment that is incredibly popular with customers:

1. Material Handling Equipment:
MHE or Material Handling Equipment is mechanical equipment primarily used to move, store, control, and protect products in the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal. The key categories of material handling and warehouse equipment provided at Oz Jack include transport equipment, positioning equipment, unit load formation equipment, as well as storage equipment.

2. Trolleys:
Oz Jack has crafted trolleys that can carry extremely heavy loads in manufacturing units, storage spaces, and warehouses. These are sturdy and extremely useful in carrying heavy products from one place to another. The wheels at the bottom of the plate ensure quick and easy transport of materials. At Oz Jack, our trolleys include the foldable trolley, the double-handle foldable trolley, the iron tube trolley, the stair climbing trolley, the 2-tier trolley with an extended handle, and a writing shelf.

3. Lifting Equipment:
We provide high-quality pallet lifters, cranes, booms, and other important material lifts. Additionally, we also provide skip pans, hoisting, pulling, and rigging along with jacking and other crucial safety equipment. Elevated lift tables are yet another example of lifting equipment we provide at our stores in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney suburbs.

4. Access Equipment:
At Oz Jack, our access equipment prevents any type of falls and injuries. Be it access cages, aerial work platforms, ladders, platforms, step ladders, stools, building access equipment, or even roof, and ceiling access equipment, safety is our top priority.

Leading Material Handling Equipment Supplier in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

Oz Jack is one of the leading material handling and warehouse equipment suppliers in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane suburbs. We provide our clients with reliable material handling and warehouse equipment at an affordable price. Call us now on 1300 105 481 and talk to our expert MHE specialists to know more!