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Manual & Electric Pallet Stackers for Sale in Melbourne, Sydney, & Brisbane

Material handling plant managers have different requirements when it comes to pallet trucks. Whether it is electric pallet stackers, counterbalance pallet stackers, semi or full electric stackers, Oz Jack offers a wide array of manual and electric pallet stackers for sale in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney suburbs. Our devices are suitable for a broad category of locations. Industrial work environments that include warehousing, manufacturing, agricultural, and retail applications require pallet stackers for smooth functioning.

Manual and electric pallet stackers include different types of stackers including the semi-electric straddle stackers and our electric types of stackers such as our walk-behind and walkie pallet stackers. There are also counterbalance pallet stackers, straddle stackers, and fork over stackers crafted from high-quality materials. In a nutshell, Oz Jack is your go-to destination for high-quality manual and electric pallet stackers across Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney suburbs!

At Oz Jack, we provide manual pallet trucks at relatively lower costs. Manual pallet trucks provided by us are comparatively low maintenance and have no electrical components. They are reliable and highly durable due to their structural design, and they can easily withstand the rigours of a material handling plant. Moreover, all your materials are transported smoothly reducing the risk of harm to goods. These pallet trucks come with varying fork dimensions to better suit many types of applications.

On the other hand, the high-quality electric pallet trucks are entirely automated versions of manual pallet trucks. They come in larger sizes, providing room for the user to stand and ride the pallet truck from the pick-up location to the destination. Here are some benefits of buying electric pallets:

● They are automated and consist of power-assisted lifting. Hence, electric pallet trucks are less likely to cause any strain-related injury to the driver.

● Based on the company’s requirements, pallet trucks can be light, medium, or heavy-duty.

● Their fully powered system permits the electric pallet trucks to lift, lower, and move around a warehouse.

● They can save time, irrespective of any operational conditions, thereby allowing the employees to move longer distances and with a reduced number of breaks.

Experts in Manual & Pallet Truck Providers in Melbourne

In the field of manual and electric pallet truck suppliers, Oz Jack is the first choice for innumerable customers in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney suburbs. Call us on 1300 105 481 to talk to our team!