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Scissor Lift Tables for Sale in Melbourne, Sydney, & Brisbane

If you are on the lookout for improved productivity and efficiency while transporting loads over relatively short distances, a scissor lift table is a perfect option for you. Oz Jack is a leading supplier of high-quality scissor lift tables for sale in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane that come in various configurations to suit different purposes.

We design our scissor lift tables to move equipment as well as people in a vertical direction. These lift tables are machine-operated and can make the process easier, which otherwise would require a ladder, tower, and scaffolding. Scissor lifts help operators to complete their tasks faster with greater safety. This device does not require time to set up, unlike scaffolding and ladders. The scissor lift’s work platform provides a solid foundation. Jobs requiring low to medium elevations to complete tasks can now be done in a safe environment. Oz Jack is a one-stop solution for all your scissor lift table requirements in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane suburbs.

The technical classifications of scissor lift tables include the following:

  • Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)
  • Aerial Work Platform (AWP)
  • Elevated Work Platform (EWP)

The scissor lift table is primarily made of steel and consists of a platform and railing that is supported by a beam or by bar-style struts. The way struts hinge together makes the assembly look like several sets of connected scissor blades. While they operate, they carry out an open-close motion similar to that of a pair of scissors. The technical term for this X pattern is called a pantograph. Hydraulic mechanisms power the scissor action, enabling the scissor table lift. Oz Jack always performs an effective review of your lift table’s user manual to check for safety precautions for the lift’s movement and functionality. For complete guidance on which configuration of scissor lifts best suits your needs, call our experts at Oz Jack in Melbourne. Our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Leaders in Scissor Lift Supplies in Brisbane, Melbourne, & Sydney

Oz Jack is one of the top providers of hydraulic lift tables, scissor lift tables, hydraulic lifting tables, and electric lift tables in Melbourne, Sydney, and the Brisbane suburbs. Call us on 1300 105 481 to talk to our experts!