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Platform & Flatbed Trolleys for Sale in Melbourne, Sydney, & Brisbane

A warehouse space needs efficient management of products. If products are not placed efficiently, they end up occupying more space. This results in cluttering of warehouse space and increases the possibility of misplacing products. Oz Jack is the leading provider of high-quality platform and flatbed trolleys for sale in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney suburbs.

We provide reliable trolleys at affordable rates to warehouses as they ease the process of shifting heavy goods. Manually shifting hefty goods at frequent intervals is a strenuous task that takes up quite a large chunk of your time. This process can be eased with durable Oz Jack trolleys. Trolleys aid in performing warehouse processes at a much faster rate, thus increasing your team’s productivity. Oz Jack is now among the topmost providers of high-quality Platform Trolleys and Flatbed Folding Trolleys. These are designed to facilitate the transportation of bulky products and materials.

Types of Platform Trolleys Available at Oz Jack in Brisbane, Melbourne, & Sydney

Oz Jack offers a wide range of warehouse trolleys. The topmost equipment preferred by customers are as follows:

  1. Foldable Platform Trolleys:

Oz Jack offers trolleys similar to those used in supermarkets. The structure, however, is different to accommodate the needs of warehouses.

  1. Flatbed Trolleys:

Flatbed trolleys that have a flat base and a handle to grip onto. This makes them perfect for stacking large, bulky objects that require long-distance transportation.

  1. Stair Trolleys:

These trolleys are designed to carry goods via the stairs. They can also be carried over curbs. Stair trolleys make use of a special set of wheels and castors which is a three-wheel configuration that makes manoeuvring the trolley an easy task without causing any damage to the goods. This becomes useful where lifts are not available for transporting goods to higher floors.

  1. Powered Platform Trolleys:

Oz Jack provides trolleys that can carry heavy loads for long periods. Our battery-operated trolley becomes useful as they carry more weight and are easier to operate.

Leading Suppliers of Flatbed & Platform Trolleys in Brisbane, Melbourne, & Sydney

Oz Jack is the leading supplier of platform and flatbed trolleys. We offer our equipment at affordable prices. Our friendly staff ensures that you have an enhanced operating experience by providing high-quality trolleys. Call us on 1300 105 481 to talk to our experts on which trolley best suits your requirement!